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Hello, I’m barb.

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I’m Barb Crawford. I’m a municipal engineer by day, Saint John cheerleader and crossfitter by night. I live on the east side of Saint John, NB with my art collection and 2 cats.

Saint John is my favourite place to be.

barbbarbbarb.com existed from August of 2009 to 2015. You can search the blog for things that interest me… people, shops, food, fashion, jewelry, guitar, boutiques and events. Maybe they will interest you. Sometimes I would blog about myself, sometimes I would blog about others. It was a real party mix. I loved to blog about events and ideas that helped to make Saint John a cooler place to be.

Notable highlights:
I’ did a few cool things over the course of my blog’s lifespan including organizing #SaintJohnCut x5, #30in30 x3 and interviewing over 160 people. I interviewed myself in February 2014.

I still document my life minute to minute on most internet channels:

I’m on Twitter (  ), Facebook ( barbbarbbarb.com or Barb Crawford ) and Instagram ( @barbbarbbarb ).

I hope you like cats.

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