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Three people e-mailed me this morning to tell me that this blog is part of their morning routine – interestingly enough this blog is part of my “before bed” routine! Awesome.

I bought an inspiration book. I’m pretty excited to start filling it up with things i love. I think it might actually act as a journal of some kind.

Anyhow – here is my thought for tonight…

What type of fashion information are people looking for?

Here is a short list of things I want to cover (at some point) in my blog…

  1. Online sample sales
  2. Shopping veg/vegan friendly
  3. Shopping out of town – i.e. “must visit stores” when away from the Port City
  4. Magazine subscriptions
  5. The best coupon sites
  6. Cost/wear ratio
  7. Cleaning out your closet for the fall

What else do you want my opinion on? What do you want to see more of? less of?

E-Mail me:


I’m going to flip though the magazines I’ve bought this week…

Harpers Bazaar (August 2009)

Harper's Bazaar (August 2009)

Flare (September 2009)

Flare (September 2009)

Jean Sale at a store near to you!

Old Navy has their jeans on sale for $25 from August 14 to August 27th

Gap has their jeans on sale for $20 off the regular price from August 13 to August 27th.

Here are some links to their American sites and picks of jeans i want to go buy this weekend…

Old Navy

The Sweetheart Distressed Jean

The Sweetheart Distressed Jean

The Flirt Trouser Jean

The Flirt Trouser Jean


Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

Sexy Boot cut

Sexy Boot cut

… is it just me or is weird that they don’t have Canadian sites that actually work? Oh my word how I would love to sign in to and buy things without leaving my living room couch.

Ah, a girl can dream.


I need one.

I’ve been searching online for a belt that will actually fit around my hips. I lucked in 2 years ago on vacation in Montreal – I picked up a black belt with a silver buckle at the Mavi store on St Catherine street. I paid through the nose for it – but it was totally worth it.

I think I maybe have found a few. Luckily, Gap & Old Navy carry plus size items on their websites. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to Canada. sigh. What a tease.

Anyhow – photos + links

Boyfriend Belt at Gap - $34.50 (USD)

Boyfriend Belt at Gap - $34.50 (USD)

Womans Sueded Belt at Old Navy (19.50)

Woman's Sueded Belt at Old Navy (19.50)

Womens Faux-Leather Fashion Belts at Old Navy ($10.00 USD)

Women's Faux-Leather Fashion Belts at Old Navy ($10.00 USD)

Fashion Wide Belt at Ann Taylor LOFT ($49.50 USD)

Fashion Wide Belt at Ann Taylor LOFT ($49.50 USD)

Oh hey- I’m just a tourist

My friend Aimee took this photo of me in Charlottetown, PEI last weekend. Well, she took it because I was all “Aimee take my photo so I can post it in my blog”.

Cool – This is what I had on:

(complete with TERRIBLE hair! wow!)

Outfit Total Cost = Under $50

Outfit Total Cost = Under $50

So, looking back I think I liked my outfit later in the day better than this one. I kept the same skirt and the same cardigan – but I traded the $0.97 tank top for a black shirt.

I originally thought the black would be too depressing for the wedding I went to – but surprisingly the royal blue skirt carried the entire outfit and made it quite cheery!

ok cool.

My very first “fashion” question….

Hey here’s a fashionesque question, and/or possible post.

I need new glasses!
Where’s some good places to look?

I’d like a plastic black frame that doesn’t break in 2 months. Also I have an abnormally wide face. (read: big head)
Also I’d like to stay away from online ordering and actually go to a store, due to my pickyness.

Awesome! Questions! If there’s one thing I’m good at – It’s telling other people what to do!

Back story:

My job involves staring at a computer screen for 7.5 hours a day. My eyes get fatigued easily and wearing glasses actually helps! Last fall it came to my attention that (a) I needed a new pair of glasses and (b) my health plan at work didn’t cover the exam or purchase.

In comes:

I bought these (in burgundy) for $8.00

and these (clear) for $9.99

My entire order came to $25, taxes and shipping included.

They arrived at my door within a month and were perfect. The clear ones make me feel a little like I was wearing safety glasses, but the red ones are my regulars at work. Adorable. Sturdy. Lovely.

OK, so I didn’t really touch on the “but what if I want to try them on” question…

In comes:

Clearly Contacts carries contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses as VERY affordable prices. There’s an ad on their front page advertising $38 glasses, and YES that includes lenses!


  • Because they carry “brand names”, you could go to your neighbourhood Lenscrafters or Pearle Vision or Vogue Optical and actually try them on (and some degree of quality… Adam mentioned that)
  • You can upload your headshot to the site and virtually try on the glasses. It sounds kind of lame – but at the same time totally cool. Linky-Poo
  • $38 is an awesome price for a pair of glasses.
  • They have a fair return policy (i.e. if your prescription is wrong they’ll replace the lens)


  • You’re not dealing with an actual optician. No one is putting them on your face or suggesting pairs that are similar.
  • If you don’t like them, too bad – you’re stuck with them.

Here are some suggestions for the mystery man who asked the glasses question:

Calvin Klein 699 ($148)

Clearly Contacts - Calvin Klein 699 ($148)

Zenni Optical 3368 Acetate Full-Rim Frame ($19.00)

Zenni Optical 3368 Acetate Full-Rim Frame ($19.00)

Alain Mikli Kanye West Shutter Shades ($1500.00)

Alain Mikli Kanye West Shutter Shades ($1500.00)

xo, barb

(Just a note, if you are insistent on visiting a store– which I can totally understand– Pearle Vision & Sears Optical and some others are owned by the same parent. Sears Optical is considerably cheaper than Pearle and carries a lot of the same product. -ed.)

I’m on the hunt –

– for a black dress.

My office will be holding a Christmas party (natch) in the coming months and I want to be prepared. I am a total ditz about planning outfits to wear to things like this because I always rely on the fail-safe options in my closet.

Let me tell you about two instances in recent memory:

  1. Work Christmas party (2007). My first Christmas at Dillon. We go to supper at this swanky bed and breakfast on Douglas Avenue in SJ. 1 hour before the party, I start getting ready to go. Oh crap. Obviously I have nothing to wear. It would be fitting that all of my pantyhose have runs in them or are the wrong colour. My dress pants are wrinkled… or I wore them to work just days ago. The only dress I own is my princes-style prom dress. Anyhow– I end up showing up (and looking fierce, but that’s beside the point) in black pinstripe dress pants (that I actually forgot I had?), a black crewneck tank top (a heavier, non-fitted Spandex) and a blue cardigan I bought from the Tommy Hilfiger store in Montreal for $14. Saved by the bell– I mean my erratic shopping habits.
  2. My best work friend Dave’s wedding (summer of 2009). OK, so as anyone from Saint John knows, we live in a very foggy city and 2009 has been no exception. Actually, maybe it is the exception since it’s been sunny 5 days so far this summer. I woke up on Dave’s wedding day ready to wear a dress I had bought from Winners (you can see it at the bottom of the page). I got it for a great price ($29.99 – and not even on sale) and it actually fit (FYI – huge deal). Of course, it’s frigging raining and this is not a dress you wear with panty hose and high heels. So what the heck am I going to wear? I ended up going with my black pinstripe pants (hello 2007!), a white blouse and a burgundy sweater vest decorated with a train broach with pearls on it. I looked like a tool, but Adam said it was cute. He probably just wanted me to stop throwing clothes around our bedroom. Who knows.  (I know. And seriously, I did. -a)

So now you know the importance of my having a black dress.

I’ve been thinking of the following…

$69.50 (Ann Taylor LOFT)

$69.50 (Ann Taylor LOFT)

I think I could dress an outfit like this up with a statement necklace or a cute pair of bright shoes. I don’t know.

Find me a black dress, internet.

xo, barb

Love this trend… part 2

Fabric Necklaces.

I find that if I wear a basic t-shirt (and the colour isn’t right) I end up looking

(a) gigantic;

(b) broad shouldered; and

(c) zitty (light pink, baby blue and white t-shirts bring out every zit I tried to cover up that morning).

These necklaces would do a great job drawing attention away from a “too tight crew neck” or “the red dot beside my mouth”. It would also cover the stains I have over the breast area of most of my shirts. Mom, why didn’t you teach me to eat slowly and with a fork? (just kidding… mostly).

I might order one of these tonight to wear with a basic.

Hey you can too:

$18.50 USD + $3.00 shipping (Etsy)

$28.00 + shipping (American Apparel)


I should have added in these… this is really what I was going for… not the jersey necklace.

$9.95 USD + Shipping (Etsy)

$9.95 USD + Shipping (Etsy)

$9.95 USD + Shipping (Etsy)

$9.95 USD + Shipping (Etsy)

Or you could make one:

Cool have fun! Report back!

xo, barb

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