Quarantine makes people do strange things… And here I am.

I’ve been toying with the idea of “blogging” again for a few months. I’m home 8 days a week so what better time than now?

COVID-19 has successfully turned our world upside down. We are confined to our homes and Wi-Fi connections and trying to work as a team to limit the exposure our friends and colleagues will have as a result of the virus and the New Brunswick State of Emergency.

I recognize that I’m fortunate. Working in the public sector, I’m still able to serve the public from my dining room table. I am also able to put my dollars to work. I can keep spending my coffee money, lunch money and treat money at the shops and services in the Uptown that remain as open as possible.

Scrolling Facebook and Instagram has opened my eyes to the HUSTLE Saint John entrepreneurs have.

I’m here today to share a few…

TUCK Studio

TUCK Studio has moved their shop online and to their social media channels. I have been obsessed with watching Judith’s Instagram Stories on styling your mantle or setting a table.

Follow TUCK on Instagram.

Rogue Coffee

Rogue is delivering Pilot Coffee beans and coffee making accessories all over town. You can shop online and they will deliver to your door according to the schedule above.

Follow Rogue on Instagram.

Italian by Night & Michelle Hooton

Michelle Hooton, Chef & Co-Owner of Italian by Night has been live streaming almost every day to bring a new recipe into your kitchen. French Baguettes. Hot Cross Buns. Cream of Tomato Soup. Brushetta. MAC & CHEESE!!!! (although I can’t link that – you’ll need to search through Michelle’s live videos for a step by step and recipe in the video description).

Find Michelle on Facebook.

Loyalist City Brewing

Loyalist City Brewing has moved online with their beer selections. They offer curbside pickup at their location on Water Street or delivery with a minimum $40 order.

I recommend the Pink Dwarf or the Three Sisters Pale Ale.


Visitors is a a shop, studio and online retailer. KC and Emily have been bringing so much of their available product online for you to browse from the comfort of your couch. They offer storefront pickup and free local delivery with pieces ordered from their website. Check our my personal favourites of their artists, Bad Ideas Forever and RYHN.

– – – – – – – – –

I’ll be back with more. This was really fun and I can’t believe I ever stopped.