Last month I was invited to dinner at East Coast Bistro. Kim Steel has started a monthly event that pairs food and a select drink into a mighty 3 course meal.

The taste of the month for May was Bourbon.

All of the drinks and the 3 course meal that was prepared relied on pairings and building “bites”. I loved the idea of grabbing “one of each” from everything on my plate to appreciate the pairings that Kim was proposing.

As each course was served, Kim explained the pairings (the course and the drink to accompany it). I’m so happy she did this. I know that certain things compliment other things… but I don’t know why!

After we ate – we used a sheet to rate the drink, the meal and the pairing for a total. The course with the highest score ended up on the menu for the month of June!

Neat idea, right?

Here’s my best attempt at explaining the meal:

Course 1

{ Bourbon, Maple Syrup, Jost Maple Ice Wine, Prosecco with a Maple + Citrus garnish }

{ Goat Cheese, Maple Roasted Pearl Onions, Pickled Beets, Parsnip Chips and Fenugreek }

{ These were life altering }

Course 2

{ Bourbon, Pernod Liqueur, Fennel Syrup }

{ Black Lentils in Apricot Syrup, Fennel Custard, Toffee Apples, Candied Fennel }
{ Missing from my plate is, of course, the cured-in-house bacon }

Course 3

{ Bourbon, Homemade Roasted Almond Milk, Ginger, Vanilla, Cardamom, Lemongrass, Nutmeg }

{ Meringue, Passionfruit, Vanilla Curd, Curry Spice Sponge Topping, Honey Yogurt }


The Community Cocktail Kitchen is going to happen on the last Tuesday of each month. A three course meal with three cocktails will cost you $38.

The next Community Cocktail Kitchen is June 25th. The Cocktails will be featuring Gin.

Seating is extremely limited – I believe she’s limiting the group to 20 people.

After the May CCK – I’m sure there will be few seats available for this round.

Reservations are necessary, call 696-3276.

You can follow East Coast Bistro and Kim on Twitter:

**Forgive me if I have the courses wrong or if I’ve labelled something incorrectly. I was trying to write everything down as she said it and I may have been too busy eating….. :)

**Full disclosure, Kim invited me as a guest to enjoy this meal.