A few weeks back I had the pleasure of running into Bridget over appetizers at the T4G Big Data Congress. We were blog chatting, molasses chatting and commenting on the delicious food being served by the Ale House when (of course) I said – “Bridget! I should interview you on my blog!”

A few weeks later and here we are!

I loved chatting with Bridget about her job and … well … Molasses. It’s been a staple in the Crawford/Demerchant household. I can remember it on the table next to the syrup on pancake night (yes, pancakes for supper is the BEST idea). I now use it in a few recipes in my own kitchen.

Enjoy the interview!

Photo by Kim Houlahan

Hi Bridget! Tell me about yourself and what you do!

I’m mom to two adventurous, against-the-grain kids and wife to a guitarist-turned-drummer husband. I write a couple of columns for KV Style (green living and food), am the neglectful writer of a couple of blogs (Here & Here) and as a volunteer thing I run a whole food buying group for bulk organic dry goods (through Speerville Flour Mill). In spite of my food philosophy my kids yearn for packaged food in their lunches and think they got the short end of the stick with environmentalist for parents. If you ever need to find me I’m either in the kitchen or out with my kids walking the dog.

Tell me about your role at Crosby’s?

It’s a bit of a dream job really. I’m the marketing manager and recipe developer. I search high and low for new and old ways to use molasses, make all sorts of delicious things, photograph them and blog about it. I tweet, pin and share on Facebook. And I come up with new ways to make molasses relevant to busy families.

Your food blog is great.

What are some of your favourite recipes?

I have great fun adapting many of my old favourites with a touch of molasses. My black bean chili and roasted red pepper lentil soup are something else altogether now that I add molasses (cuts the acidity of the tomato). Spice-roasted cauliflower is another favourite (the classic sweet with heat) and of course homemade salad dressings. But I’m a sucker for gingerbread. A taste of chocolate gingerbread will change your life.

The blog is centered around Crosby’s Molasses

Tell me some of the benefits of cooking and baking with it?

The great thing about molasses is that it’s a sweet with flavour. Baked goods with molasses aren’t too sweet and it has a tangy complexity so it can handle spice and other savoury flavours. It can really help intensify flavours too. Pair molasses with chocolate and you deepen the chocolate flavour. I love that molasses is natural and unrefined (not unlike maple syrup in its making) and it has some nutritional value.

You have a column in KV Style.

How is it different from your food blog?

I call my KV Style food column My Mother’s Kitchen because I feature our family’s favourite recipes that I grew up with. Sometimes there’s a little bit of overlap with my Crosby’s blog, since I grew up eating molasses. Also, the spirit of the writing is similar. Sharing food is about making memories and favourite recipes have a story to tell. That’s how I grew up and that’s the life I’m creating for my kids. Epic food is prepared at home and fast food meals don’t make it into family lore. My food blog leans green though, and is totally non-meat.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Searching out recipes, planning recipe tests, writing blog posts, keeping up with our social media channels, editing photos, figuring out how to get molasses ideas to more people. Then I come home and cook.

What’s your dream day?

I prefer to bake in the morning so a dream day would allow for that. It would give me time to photograph my food without chasing the natural light. And it would remove the rush of baking. Basically my dream day is a lot like a Saturday morning.

What is in your CD player?

I’m a big Ron Sexmith fan, and Arcade Fire too but this time of year Antonio Carlos Jobim gets played a lot. (Nothing like a little Bossa nova to take the chill off.)

What book is on your nightstand?

Poetry of Anne Compton and Mary Oliver for when I’m not in the mood for a novel. And on my Kindle I’m reading The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman.

What is your favourite food blog?

Movita Beaucoup. She has great recipes but it’s her writing that I really love. She’s laugh-out-loud funny. There are loads of excellent food blogs out there but side-splitting food blogs are pretty rare. She’s NS-based and left (paused?) a career as a ballet instructor and ran off to baking school. If she had a sitcom I’d probably watch TV.

What’s next?

Down the road I’d like to write some sort of cookbook that celebrates wholesome cooking and fits it into busy lives. It’ll have lots of green living tips tucked in and be a gentle how-to for living better.


Typically if someone was to do a giveaway on the blog… it would be pertinent to their product or service. Not this time!

Bridget has 2 pairs of tickets to the Sarah Slean concert at the Imperial Theatre that she’d like to give away.

See below for your chance to win!

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Thanks, Bridget!

(I’m craving molasses cookies now……)