You guys, it’s no secret that I love Saint John. What started as a “creative” outlet (, quickly morphed into a love story for my waterfront, blue collar City.

Similar to Kurt’s story from the weekend’s TJ, Saint John is full of people that love it as much as I do.

Here are a few little surveys (over the next few days) on what, specifically, people love about this place.

Maybe you’ll get a few ideas!

Part 1 – Heather Desserud

Heather just moved to SJ a little over a year ago. She has embraced the City, and we have embraced her!


Your go-to coffee shop (and ​your ​ order)

Starbucks, a grande English breakfast with room for milk

The place in ​Saint John where you feel ​calm, cool and collected:

Definitely Good Fibrations— whether I want to buy some yarn, admire the amazing work in the shop or chat with Liz.

The one-stop gift shop where you can shop for dad, mom, siblings, baby showers, etc.:

Feel Good Store. They’ve got everything!

The place you celebrate special occasions:

Britt’s— what better way to celebrate than surrounded by friends, beer and good food

The place that is a solid date night spot:

Port City Royal or Happinez

Favorite place to order take-out:

Thai Pho

The best under-the-radar bar:

Pete’s Pub — the best little pub in Saint John

The place you go for a little bit of culture:

Imperial Theatre. Love the visiting dance performances!

The place you always take your out-of-town guests that wows:

Billy’s Seafood, City Market, and King Square

Where you shop for everyday basics:

Lawton’s and Sam’s Convenience



There are more. Stay tuned <3