I think that the coolest thing that can happen to you, is when cool things happen to your friends.

Examples: Adam and his band Penny Blacks went on tour to Ontario. Awesome! My best friend Tara is pregnant. Right? So great! I just picked up a CD by my favourite local band, Little You Little Me. My friends are basically rock stars.

Trent has written a book and as of today, you can buy it. (You can buy it in person at local Indigo and Coles stores next Friday).

Please enjoy this interview.

Trent: Just prior to being removed from Coles

Hi Trent! Tell me about yourself and what you do.

Hi Barb! Hmm…well, I suppose the most high-level way to describe me is dorky. I’m a full-time human resources professional and part-time pedantic writer whose main focus is nerd culture. The occupational split is kind of neat as it allows me to focus on business during the day and talk about geeky things at night. Best of both worlds, really.

To clarify, when I say that I focus on “nerd culture” I mostly mean that I analyze entertainment media that appeals to those of us with pale skin and a predisposition towards social inhibition (cartoons, comics, video games, science fiction, and feature film). It’s not everyone’s interest, but I dig it.

You are pretty active on the internet. Tell me about some of the places you write for online.

I suppose you could say that I get around. Outside of pouring myself into my tremendously adorkable personal blog, puctualdork.com, I write for three websites on a weekly basis.

I’m an Editor at RPGamer.com, which is the largest RPG website on the internet. RPGs, or “role-playing games,” are exactly what they sound like: games that allow you to take on a role other than your own and participate in a narrative. There are pen and paper RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, massively multiplayer online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft, and video game RPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. I’m only well-versed on that last one. However, my role on the site is less about releases and reviews and more about video game industry coverage and the production of genre-cenric editorials.

I’m also MissionGeek.com‘s Entertainment Writer. Mission:Geek is kinda neat because it’s a website owned and operated out of Atlantic Canada. Over the past year and a half, I’ve contributed numerous film reviews, Oscar predictions, television and film recommendation articles, a series dedicated to entertainment tropes and idioms, and more than a handful of top ten lists (because people love lists).

Finally, I’m a Podcaster and Columnist for NerdsOnTheRocks.com. Nerds On The Rocks covers all elements of nerd culture and members of their community submit questions related to comics, film, TV, or video gaming to have answered by me on a weekly basis in their “Ask a Dork” column. I am the dork to which they ask. For their podcast, I join a group of outspoken nerds to discuss entertainment media.

Outside of contributing to those outlets, I mostly spend my online time watching hilarious videos of cats and tweeting about peanut butter. So yeah, I basically live life to the fullest.

How does one go from not being an author, to being one?

I’m stubborn. Possibly stupid.

At one point I realized how much I had been contributing to the various sites I write for. It didn’t feel as challenging to me anymore to fulfil those commitments and I began to wonder what more I could do. Eventually, an idea swelled up in my head and I was foolish enough to take a stab at it. I’ve never been the type to not finish what I’ve started, so, nine months later, it’s now complete.

What is your book about? Would you say you’ve based the story on real life people, places, events?

In Stitches is a dorky dark comedy aimed at young adults. It takes the gothic concept of bringing someone back to life through scientific methods and allows events to play out under a comedic filter. Hence the title. The most comprehensive way to understand it would be as a modern-day Frankenstein with socially inept characters and Kevin Smith dialogue. It’s unorthodox as all hell, but it’s pretty much me on paper.

The official statement within the book’s cover is that it is a work of fiction and that all allusions to real persons, places, or things are coincidental and don’t apply an opinion, negative or positive. However, I’d be lying if I were to say their weren’t some shout outs to real people, places, and events.

There are three main characters: Scott the neurobiologist, Tom the trauma surgeon, and Adam the monster they