It’s hard to believe that this event has grown from 14 people to over 30.

{ The gang in Judith & Robert’s kitchen, as shot by Judith Mackin }

It’s always been a dream to organize and participate in a photoshoot. Now that dream has been realized 3 times.

Sunday was spent ‘Into the Wild’ at the ultra modern home of Robert Moore and Judith Mackin, tucked in to the side of Mount Pleasant.

As with every #SaintJohnCut event, the day was shared with make up artists, hair stylists, photographers and models. The BEST kind of collaboration, in my opinion.

The photos I took yesterday are far from professional… but hopefully give you a “behind the scenes” vibe.


{ Kelly Lawson shooting Alyx Moore }

{ Amy Stewart on the stairs shooting Maryanne Delaney }

{ Mark Hemmings (who did the whole shoot on an iPhone) shooting Sam Lewis on the Eames }

{ Chelsea Donaldson on the green roof with Julia Hurst }

{ Kayla Cormier outdoors being shot by Dan Culberson }

{ Floor to ceiling bookshelf }

{ Sam Lewis and Janna Boucher }

{ Glen MacLean shooting Graeme Stewart-Robertson }

{ Emily Fraser shooting her sister, Kiera Fraser }

{ Impressed with Results! }

{ Ryan Livingston in the hallway }

{ Allie Beckwith shooting Kayla Cormier}

{ Sean McGrath shooting Alyx Moore}

The credits:


Hair was done by Adam Donnelly from Hairacy’s. He is a dear friend and my personal hair stylist. If you’ve ever told me you “like my hair down”, you can thank him for the ‘do.

He can be stalked on Twitter:


Make-up was done by Carrie McGrath and Taylor MacDougall. Carrie has been involved since the beginning and I am always so impressed with everything she does.

Follow them here:

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Clothing & Shoes

Clothing for the shoot was provided by Silver Daisy Designs & Je Suis Prest.
Shoes for the shoot were from Manchester Shoe Salon.

The Photographers:

*Please click after their names for links to their Twitter, Facebook & blog!

Dan Culberson (T/Website)
Mark Hemmings (T/FB/Website)
Sean McGrath (T/FB/Website)
Kelly Lawson (T/Website)
Alicia Robichaud (FB)
Allie Beckwith (T/FB/Blog)
Amy Stewart (T/FB/Website)
Emily Fraser (T)
Chelsea Donaldson (T/Blog)
Glen MacLean (FB)

The Help!

This shoot could not have happened without the help of Gillian and Morgan. Gillian was instrumental from start to finish – picking up snacks for the hungry models to dragging bags and bags of shoes from Manchester.

Morgan wasn’t heard from all day – as he was holding lights and lugging sandbags for Mark Hemmings.

Thanks again!

The Models:

Sam Lewis
Graeme Stewart-Robertson
Maryanne Delaney
Catherine Delaney
Alyx Moore
Julia Hurst
Kayla Cormier
Kiera Fraser
Kate Lordon
Apryll Stansfield
Amy Doucet
Janna Boucher

The Host & Hostess:

Robert Moore
Judith Mackin
Macey & Scout


Thanks again to everyone involved. I’m ecstatic thinking about the photos to be revealed in the coming weeks.

If you have an idea for #SaintJohnCut4 – get at me!