Katie is the Executive Director of ArtsLink NB, former Telegraph Journal journalist, current friend.

Katie loves Saint John and can be found taking in the arts & culture community through studio tours, gallery openings, shoe sales and wine of the month selections.


Part 5 – Katie Wallace

katewallace_credit kelly lawson(PRINT)
Photo: Kelly Lawson

Your go-to coffee shop (and ​your ​order):

Second Cup, medium medium roast with milk.

The place in ​Saint John where you feel ​calm, cool and collected:

My office in the Creative Soup Building

The one-stop gift shop:

Feel good store.

The place you celebrate special occasions​:

Port City Royal (planning my 40th birthday there in the spring!)

The place that is a solid date night spot:

happinez (canoodling in the dark back corners)

Favorite place to order take-out:


The best under-the-radar bar:

Big Tide is making some really good beers.

The place you go for a little bit of culture:

Peter Buckland Gallery.

The place you always take your out-of-town guests that wows:

Irving Nature Park.

Where you shop for everyday basics:

City Market


Thanks Katie!