You guessed it, I am compiling a list of items I’m in love with and colour coding them. My birthday is coming up* and I want to leave no room for “gift interpretation”.

Rather than spread these posts out over the next few days… I decided to spread them out of the next few weeks… In between posts about the nominees for the 2012 Originals!

(*C, you can get me the Alexander McQueen tee, k?).

1. Skinny Jeans (Old Navy)
2. Matt & Nat, Cy (Matt&Nat)
3. Miu Miu polka dot pumps (Miu Miu)
4. Paul Loebach Distortion Candlesticks (AREAWARE & TUCK Studio)
5. Skull Tee by Alexander McQueen
6. Colour Block dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs (Shopbop, similar)
7. Essie Nail Polish
8. Classic TOMS ( or Je Suis Prest)
9. Meghan Bracelet by Laren Elan (Lauren Elan)
10. Surf Green Jaguar
11. Cambridge Satchel
12. Marc by Marc Jacobs Rubber Turnlock Bracelet (Shopbop)

*Obv I am joking.