Looking back at my 3rd CrossFit class (Tuesday night, for those keeping track)… I’m regretting not getting a photo of my 45 lb deadlift. Or my ring-row form. Or my cheater lungesĀ (Thanks, Jon, for telling me that I was cheating). Or my 16″ BOX JUMP!

I did, however, get a sweaty post-workout selfie in …

thanks to Instagram for having filters that will hide the sweat-glare from my forehead

The 3rd session focused on lunge form, box jumping, kettle bell swinging and dead lifts. My thighs and elbows are the muscle groups recovering from the last session.

I found that the challenge this week was the “easiest” to date, in that I didn’t feel like death had taken me after the workout was done. 7 kettle bell swings, 7 ring rows and 10 lunges … AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 7 minutes.

Tonight – who knows!

Wish me luck….