So, this is basically my plan for the fall. Luckily – I won’t need to purchase all of them since a few crucial pieces for the fall are carried over from last season.


  • I numbered each pick in the photos. Below there is a list of where to find it (as it’s shown) and maybe a couple of ¬†budget choices.
  • I stole this from “cupcakes and cashmere“… but added the budget choices.
  • I already own some of these… so I’ll just tell you where I got it and where I found the picture.

  1. Basic Brown Skirt, Mod Cloth, $29.99 (Budget (as if):, $22.80)
  2. MARKEE Shoes, Steve Madden $59.97 (SALE) (Budget:, $22.10 or $22.40)
  3. Kurt Shirt, What Comes Around Goes Around (Neiman Marcus), $195.00 (Budget: Gap Gingham Shirt: $49.50)
  4. Art Nouveau Necklace,, $16.99 (Budget – $6.80 or $5.80)
  5. Grey Basic,, $4.80 (lol, the is not budget shirt! You can get a grey basic just about anywhere… Gap, ON, Suzy Shier… )
  6. W K Jacket, The North Face, $179
  7. The Boyfriend Jean, Gap, $59.50 (Budget: Boyfriend Jean at Forever21, American Eagle, Old Navy or Joe Fresh)
  8. Nikki Leather Hobo, Neiman Marcus, $595 (Budget:, Matt&Nat)
  9. Eyelet Ruffle Cap Sleeve Blouse, Forever21, $17.80 (There really is no budget for an $18 blouse)
  10. Black Strap Boot, Neiman Marcus, $475

What a list!

Now here are the things I already have….

4. I bought the most precious red rose pendant at Value Village a few years ago… it acts perfectly as a “statement necklace”. Another thing that works well, is to wear 2-3 plain chains and 1 with a small pendant on it. It looks great with a v-neck basic or a tank for the rest of the summer.

5. Basics! I buy most of mine from Je Suis Prest Boutique (Kiera carries the Alternative Apparel line – and it is top notch) but you can pick them up anywhere. American Eagle sells them off frequently for $6.97. Old Navy has $5 sales. Heck, even the gap will sell you one for $9.99 or less most days. There is no reason (ever) to spend more than $22 on a basic t-shirt. You heard it here first. I will hunt you down.

7. Boyfriend jeans. Two things.

  1. I have a boyfriend and he has jeans. I’ve never tried them on – but I assume they’d look like that. A bit baggy and hugging zero of my curves.
  2. If you have an old pair of jeans – cut a few holes in them and throw them into the washing machine. They’re already distressed – and now the holes are apparent!

8. I bought a hobo that looks EXACTLY like this. Except mine is vegan and of the Matt&Nat variety. It was $60 at winners. Seriously. Buy purses there- you won’t regret it and neither will your pocket book.

10. I bought a pair of black strappy boots two years ago on sale for $9 at Payless. Best winter purchase I’ve ever made. Buying things in the off season may seem like a waste (especially if they were trendy items…) but black boots never go out of style and (lucky for me) STRAPS ARE BACK.

Whew my fingers are sore.

Happy shopping!