As far as unrealistic dreams go, I have many. Among other things, my bucket list includes organizing and participating in a photo shoot.

Sunday was spent at the glamourous White Room on Prince William Street. I shared the time with photographers, models, artists and stylists.

Dream. Come. True.

The photos I took today were not meant to be professional by any means. They’re just quick snaps of some of my favourite moments.

{ Sadly, Dan, Beaver and Alex are missing from this shot… set up by Sheldon but shot by Alex Pesold}

{ Fran being shot by Sheldon Parsons }
{ Beth getting her makeup done by Carrie McGrath }

{ Kiera Fraser, being shot by Kelly Lawson }

{Beth being shot by Sean McGrath }

{ Jenna being shot by Dan Culberson }

{ Fran, Beth and Jenna being shot by Dan }
{ Beth being shot by Beaver }

{ Rihanna must have been on. Kate, Kiera and Nadine breaking it down }

{ Kate checking out her makeup by Carrie McGrath }

{ Chelsea’s amazing makeup by Carrie McGrath }

{ Dan shooting Nadine }
{ Jenna }

{ Dan shooting Fran }

More photos tomorrow. and maybe Wednesday. I shot almost 600 photos. Whoops!

**I’ll also be linking to the shots taken by everyone else.